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Make your games instantly great by introducing UltimateXP into your projects!

UltimateXP is a complete xp solution it works exactly like call of duty and other great games which means you can clone there xp ladder if you wish to replicate the same experience you get from playing there games or simply create your own unique experience

UltimateXP is easily integrated into your existing project or is a great introduction to your new game.

Works with UFPS and any other assets you wish to use it with

Features Include:

# Comes With A Pre-Installed Demo So Its Good To Go Straight Out Of The Box!

# Comes with a UFPS script to get you up and running instantly

# Included Rank Badges

# Rank Titles

# Xp Ladder

# Rank Title Ladder

# Reward System

# Reward System Editor And Creator

# Option To Use Reward System

# Prestige Mode

# Option To Enable Prestige Mode Or Not

# XP Kill Feed

# XP Progress Bar

# Animated Rank Up

# Option To Display XP Left Or XP Required

# Editable XP Ladder Which UltimateXP Will Calculate For You

# Editable Rank Title Ladder Which UltimateXP Will Calculate For You

# Demo Game Scene

# Demo Menu

# Cool Demo Bonus Scripts Included

# Everything Is C# Code And Commented

# PlayerPrefs Is Used For The Save Data So Everything Is Set For Which Ever Platform You Develop For

# Online Documentation

Check Out The Screen Shots Below